CIARD at La Manga Club: the strength curve testing - what is it and what is it used for?

Of all the tests offered at the CIARD at La Manga Club, the strength curve testing is one of the most requested as it tells us the maximum load at which an individual can produce most power.

La Manga Club, 3rd September 2015. The strength curve testing establishes the relation between the speed at which the person moves a weight in completing a set exercise. Therefore, it offers us highly valuable information for athletes and anyone who exercises. From the information it gives us we can find out the maximum load at which the person can produce maximum power. This data can then be used to improve performance during training.

To carry out this test, Asunción Martinez, coordinator at the CIARD (High Performance Sport Centre) states that it is essential that we work with every athlete as an individual case and adapt the results of the test to each unique profile. “A basketball player who plays at centre has different needs to a guard player. Even within the same sport, the needs of an athlete change from the beginning of the season to the end of the season.”

In short, the strength curve testing is about optimizing and enabling higher quality of training by effectively using the objective data made available from undertaking this test.

CIARD en La Manga Club: qué es y para qué sirve la prueba de curva de potencia

The strength curve testing is formed of an accumulative stages, whereby it starts with the participant completing a movement with which they lift light loads, followed by medium weight loads and finishing with a heavy load. The objective is to create a performance curve which reaches a peak, representing the point at which the most power was produced, and we can then see how the power drops after this point.

At the CIARD, the strength curve testing is carried out through an encoder system and Multipower, a weightlifting machine which works the big muscle groups in a way that doesn´t favour one side of the body over the other. The work load has to be distributed over the whole body and therefore leaves no room for error.

The Multipower machine can be used for bench press to measure the power in the upper body, and full or half squat in order to measure power in the lower body. It can also be used for other types of exercises. 

It is essential to fully warm up before completing any kind of strength curve testing (as it involves explosive movements using the Multipower machine) in order to avoid injuries and to produce the best possible performance.