The best types of grass to bring excellence to golf courses at La Manga Club

The best types of grass at La Manga Club

La Manga Club’s greenkeepers have made a selection of crop that are better suited to the climate and type of soil in Murcia. Two varieties have been chosen for their properties which are more adjusted to the weather requirements of Murcia.

La Manga Club, 14 February 2017. The professionals that are in charge of caring for the golfing grounds at La Manga Club, the greenkeepers, have chosen varieties of grass that are best adapted for this hot climate with minimal rainfall. This choice is essential for ensuring the best playing conditions all year round. Not in vain, if one sport distinguishes La Manga Club for its excellence, it is undoubtedly golf.

On the courses, there are two types of grass planted: bermuda 419, that is characterised by its salinity tolerance and little need for watering. The other type used by La Manga Club is known as agrostis. This grass is adapted to sandy earth, copes very well during the winter cold, although slightly susceptible to lose colour.

La Manga Club has implemented an agriculturalist strategy by using more biological products instead of chemical products.  With this plan of action, the biodiversity of the lakes has also improved. It has the best fertilization leaving the lakes. This act will prevent the chance of any algae from being produced.

La Manga Club acts as lungs to close-by locations. This huge ‘green’ expansion produces an important quantity of oxygen which purifies the air, and the water. This extension of grass helps reducing global warming and our carbon footprint. At the same time, it upkeeps and waters its golf courses, in an efficient way, optimizing its hydrological resources

The La Manga Club resort has three golf courses, with a total of 18 holes. It also has a perfect course to improve your short game, in the Pitch & Putt area. The magnificent facilities also include a Practice Centre, considered the best in Europe and the new Golf Academy: ´La Manga Club Golf Training Centre’, with a new method of teaching.