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La Manga Club Academies

Triathlon Academy

Triathlon is one of the most complete sports that exists, comprising three different disciplines:

  • swimming,
  • cycling (normally road biking),
  • and running.

 At La Manga Club you'll find the ideal training environment with mild weather all year round. 

The trainers and coaches at La Manga Club have specialised programmes for different levels of experience, from beginners to pros, that will enable you to optimise your performance or prepare for your next event.  

Triathlon Academy for children 

The Triathlon Academy seeks to develop children through encouraging a sports-orientated life. 
This has led to the development of the following objectives: 

  1. To acquire motor skills and to improve their physical condition.
  2. To improve psychosocial and volitional capabilities.
  3. To enjoy triathlon as a recreational activity and a hobby. Competition does not have to be a priority, but used as a channel to achieve personal goals that are more challenging and that are related to the practice of triathlon. All of this will lead to complete enjoyment in all aspects of life.

*Contact our Sports Department  ( for options available, rates and schedules.