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HPC La Manga Club
HPC La Manga Club
Wellness Centre

High Performance Centre (HPC)

Located in the same building as the Wellness Centre, the High Performance Centre (HPC) is the fruit of an agreement with UCAM - one of Spain's top universities in this field - to research, evaluate, monitor and advise both the general public and top-level sports people on health and sporting performance.

The High Performance Sport Centre offers sports people 380 m2 of facilities in the spa building at La Manga Club. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide a comprehensive assessment of an individual's sporting performance and health.

Top-level sports professionals regularly train at La Manga Club and UCAM has a wealth of experience in research and teaching, as well as being internationally renowned in the field of university sports and sports sponsorship.

The combination of these two provides a firm foundation for the HPC, based on experience, professionalism and a commitment to top-quality service.

The key aims of HPC are research, development and innovation in two fields:

  • Sports medicine: prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and cardiovascular problems
  • General health: physical condition, body composition, nutrition, podiatry, etc.
  • Sport training: assessment and prescription of performance-oriented exercise


High Performance Centre (HPC) 

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