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HPC La Manga Club
HPC La Manga Club
Wellness Centre

High Performance Centre (HPC)

The High Performance Centre (HPC), based in the Wellness Centre building, is the product of an agreement with San Antonio Catholic University in Murcia (UCAM) for testing, assessing and guiding training for sports performance and health. The Centre caters for top level athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts wanting to boost their performance in the sport they are passionate about, as well as for anyone with an interest in their own health.

This is all possible due to the 400 m2 of facilities packed with the very latest technology and offering a full physical performance assessment for any type of user.

The facilities are normally used by sports people and professional sports teams from all over the world, who choose La Manga Club as a destination for undertaking stages in their training.

By working together, both organisations have made the HPC a successful facility based on solid foundations: experience, a professional approach and top quality service.

The main aims of the Sports High Performance Centre are development and innovation in three fields:

  • Sports medicine: prevention of muscular-skeletal and cardiovascular injuries.
  • General health of the population: fitness level, body composition, nutrition, foot care, etc.
  • Sports training: evaluation and prescription of performance-oriented exercise. 


High Performance Centre (HPC) 

Telephone +34 968 338 064 | E-mail
Twitter: @CAR_lamangaclub​

* For more information about the services offered at the HPC, please contact us.