La Manga Club strengthens its services for the French market

La Manga Club amplía sus servicios dirigidos al mercado francés

With the aim of reinforcing its position at the most prestigious international level, the exclusive resort has implemented a range of practices specifically tailored to French tourism, an increasingly prosperous market. La Manga Club has officially published its website in French, so that clientele from this sector are able to arrange their holidays in a more straightforward manner. Furthermore, the sport & leisure complex boasts a diverse program of options devoted to the wellbeing of its clients, one of the most sought-after services amidst Gallic travellers.​

La Manga Club: 19th of October, 2017:-  France is the third most-important target market in Spain after the United Kingdom and Germany. Although there are a variety of Spanish destinations that accommodate foreign tourists, the greatest influx of French tourism is categorically located on the Iberian Peninsula. The coast that borders the Mediterranean Sea, albeit from the eastern end of the Pyrenees to the province of Alicante, is the most popular for French travellers and it is no coincidence that this is where La Manga Club is situated (Cartagena, Murcia). Also, the proximity to their native country, the best access to which one could argue is via car, train or even aeroplane, are together perhaps the principal factors that contribute to this area’s continued success in being one of the most popular French tourism destinations in Spain.

In order to accommodate the increasing influx of French tourism in the area, La Manga Club has begun to implement a series of services directed exclusively at the traveller, with a reputation that always strives to provide the highest level of quality and service both in terms of customer experience and facilities at the two accommodation sites on the complex. Amongst the methods put in place, the resort’s new French web page is updated and conditioned to provide these tourists with the means to easily make holiday reservations and arrangements in a customer-friendly way. And, according to different studies, 58% of French citizens use the internet to plan their leisure holidays and 42% make these reservations online.

On the other hand, wellbeing is a fundamental factor that French tourists take into account, based on their health preferences and the highly in-demand need to cater to one’s physical welfare in the leisure and tourism sector, when it comes to making their holiday dreams a reality. The majority of clients are willing to spend more on an experience that offers products and service that complement one’s physical wellbeing to meet their personal expectations, a growing niche in an elite market. They continue to seek an authentic stay that offers privacy, tranquillity and wellbeing; qualities that one can find in abundance at La Manga Club, through its array of treatments and therapies at its 2000sq/m Wellness Centre and wide range of sporting activities that are available on the complex, each of which is focused towards a different aspect of a healthy and active lifestyle.

A high percentage of French travellers that spend their holidays in Spain do so to sample the country’s array of picturesque beaches. Consequently, it is of no surprise to learn that the destinations most commonly visited are coastal, and that 23% of travellers opt for a ‘relaxed’ type of tourism. In this sense, La Manga Club is a match made in heaven for the French tourist as it provides a combination of beaches, sporting activities and various relaxation options all year round. Furthermore, its exceptional climate, with more than 350 days of sun per year; its location, next to the protected Calblanque regional park, in which one is able to participate in specific outdoor activities such as hiking or horse riding; its closeness to the marine reserve of the Hormigas Islands in Cabo de Palos, a marine protected area and one of the best destinations at which to dive in Spain; and its proximity to Cartagena, a city with a rich cultural history, make La Manga Club the ideal destination to relax and take in your surroundings for a few days.

With a large presence of international tourists, above all English who make up an estimated 38% of the different nationalities that regularly visit the resort, La Manga Club ensures that it makes every effort to continue maintaining its high levels of quality and offers a unique experience at its facilities to each and every person that decides to choose the complex for his or her holiday.