Almost 200 new trees are being planted to replenish La Manga Club’s golf courses

New Pine trees at La Manga Club

120 pine trees have already been planted on the North course’s 15th hole and the South’s 7th hole respectively, and another 60 will be planted throughout the coming month.​

La Manga Club, 22nd of December, 2017. – Storms and strong winds from last year had damaged many of the plant species that adorn all three of La Manga Club’s golf courses and contribute to the area’s natural surroundings.

Therefore, throughout the month of December and the month of January, around 200 trees are to be planted in determined areas on the various golf courses. A total of 120 pine trees have already been planted on hole 15 of the North course and hole 7 of the South, and a further 60 trees will also be planted through the month of January. The pines have been transported from the North of Spain and will take several months to fully grow.

Nuevos árboles en La Manga Club

This plantation joins the existing initiatives of an environmental nature that are currently underway at La Manga Club, such as the selection of the best types of grass to bring excellence to golf courses at La Manga Club or the optimization of our hydrological resources and technology on the resort.

Furthermore, this news comes just a month after La Manga Club announced its status as a collaborative tourism industry to the Calblanque Natural Park to ensure that a more sustainable form of tourism is achieved and that the touristic eco-development of this protected natural area is continued.