Asido Cartagena designs and manufactures the new trophies for La Manga Club

Asido Cartagena designs and manufactures the new trophies for La Manga Club

Made from polyurethane by hand and covered with authentic beach sand from the Mar Menor, the new trophies are easily identifiable by La Manga Club´s most representative image, the palm tree.

La Manga Club, 27th April 2016. Raquel, Pablo and Mari Carmen are just some of the students who are participating in the design and manufacture of these fantastic new trophies for La Manga Club. They will be ready for the 28th May as this is the date for the next big golf event in the resort: La Verdad - La Manga Club Golf Tournament.

These three students, along with their colleagues, have made a huge effort in the development of these trophies. They belong to the Asido Cartagena Art Workshop and these unique trophies are not the first prizes they have produced. Along with prizes, trophies and awards, the workshop also produces paintings and a number of articles for various entities and associations within the city of Cartagena.

The palm tree, the trophy for La Manga Club

The best image to represent La Manga Club could be non-other than the palm tree. After choosing the design, the students crafted the shaped with clay and then made a silicone mould which was then filled with polyurethane (a very light weight material). The beach sand from the Mar Menor plays an important role, for this reason, they have been left natural, unpainted and untreated with only a layer of glue to secure it. Weeks have been spent working on not only the design itself, but the manufacturing as well. Each part of the process is done by hand.

Asido Cartagena

Asido Cartagena was created in 1993 and is a parent association for families with Down Syndrome children. Through its educational psychology service and school intervention, they cater for a wide range of children and young adults from 0 – 18 years old.

They also have an Occupational Centre. This Day Centre conducts various workshops such as the one in which the trophies for La Manga Club were made. Along the same lines, the Recycled Paper Workshop makes all kinds of stationery such as notebooks, diaries and calendars along with pictures and cards for wedding and other events. They also participate in competitions, prizes and exhibitions in order to give their work recognition and purpose.

Asido Cartagena currently helps and supports over 100 families from throughout the region.