tratamientos de belleza Navidad La Manga Club
tratamientos de belleza Navidad La Manga Club

Prepare your skin for Christmas

Special beauty treatments at La Manga Club

Diamond Cocoon

Let your beauty emerge

Diamond Cocoon Experience

Awaken the full potential of your skin with this intensive prebiotic treatment. A revitalizing and renewing ritual designed to counteract the effects of modern pollution and stress, such as dull complexion, lines, wrinkles and dark spots. A detoxifying break that, due to its powerful ingredients along with its enveloping massage techniques, helps you emerge with glowing skin that dazzles with its natural beauty.

The Cure Therapy

A true detox for stressed skin

tratamiento spa la manga club

Imagine if you could bring these basic beauties to your skin: purity, calm, life. Imagine if you could slow down the aging effects caused by our accelerated lifestyle. With The Cure Collection, you can. The Cure Collection is a real solution to modern challenges. Natura Bissé’s deep restorative system repairs, hydrates and detoxifies your skin. A comprehensive line that helps restore cellular damage, extend skin cells’ life span and eliminate toxins. The results: 24-hour luminosity and a glorious complexion. So take your moment, breathe, and de-stress your skin with these powerful formulas.

Oxygen Line

A wave of pureness

tratamiento spa navidad la manga club

Purifying, revitalizing, hydrating and brightening, Oxygen Line is a complete skincare collection that restores luminosity, evens out skin tone and exceptionally oxygenates to provide skin with energy and freshness. A burst of oxygen is perfect if your skin feels dull or asphyxiated due to environmental damage, stress or even long airplane flights.

With each of these treatments, a 10-minute LPG session is included to enhance the effects of facial treatments and access to our facilities to complete the Spa experience. 

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