10 January 2023

8 places to go on vacation in Spain in winter

Spain is known as one of the great sun and beach destinations in Europe. It does not go unnoticed that in our geography it is possible to find some of the areas with the best climate of the whole continent throughout the year. However, it is not necessary to be a foreigner to appreciate the versatility and wide tourist offer of our country.

The destinations in Spain to visit in winter are numerous, so more and more people are choosing to enjoy their vacations during this time of the year. Moreover, some of these places increase their attractiveness during this season. Lovers of gastronomic tourism will also enjoy a good vacation in winter, since it opens the possibility of enjoying new dishes and products typical of the winter season.

Winter opens a wide range of places for winter tourism without leaving the country. It is the opportunity to discover other cities in Spain from a different perspective, away from the cliché of sun and good weather.

Winter not only brings with it lower temperatures and meteorological phenomena such as snow. It is at this time that the differences between regions and cities are more noticeable. For this reason we can say that there are places to visit in Spain in winter that you would not find equally charming in summer.

And is that winter in our country can offer plans commonly associated with this season such as snow sports, while giving you the opportunity to enjoy the best beaches with a pleasant temperature. A possibility to discover some of the most beautiful corners of our country without stress and under another perspective. The decision is in the hands of the traveler.



Granada is one of the most versatile destinations for winter tourism without leaving the country. The city offers a climate with moderate cold in winter, but also offers the possibility of snow and more extreme temperatures for lovers of snow sports who decide to go to Sierra Nevada, a short distance from the city.

But for those who prefer a more cultural tourism, winter is the ideal time to visit the architectural monuments and historical sites such as the Alhambra or the Albaicin without the tourist overcrowding that can occur in the warmer months.

In addition, it is also a perfect time to get to know the gastronomy of the winter season. The Alpujarreño dish, the San Antón pot or the fennel stew will help the traveler to get rid of the cold in these winter vacations.


While Madrid is a city that brims with life even in the hot summer months, the truth is that it is also among the best places to visit in Spain in winter. When else is the best time to enjoy a traditional chocolate with churros in the iconic San Ginés?

But gastronomy is not the only offer that the capital has for the traveler during the winter months. Emblematic places such as the Retiro Park acquire a special charm in the coldest months of winter, even allowing you to see its frozen lake.

One of the best plans to take shelter from the cold is to visit one of its many museums such as the Prado Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum or the National Archaeological Museum. Although it is also possible to find tickets for one of the many shows and musicals that can be seen in the city.

For lovers of leisure at low temperatures it is also possible to enjoy a walk to see its famous Christmas lights or walk through lively areas such as the city center.

La Manga del Mar Menor

La Manga del Mar Menor is another of those places that is unconsciously associated with summer. But the reality is that this icon of the Murcian coast has a lot to offer even when temperatures drop. Its average annual temperature is 18 ºC, which makes it an ideal destination for a winter vacation with children and also an ideal destination for those looking for a destination where they can play golf at this time of the year.

While it is true that, despite the mild temperatures, winter does not offer an ideal climate for a dip, it is possible to carry out activities for nature lovers such as the hiking route that leads to the Mirador del Roldán in Cartagena. But it is also possible to opt for the wellness and relaxation offered by medicinal therapies such as the muds of San Pedro del Pinatar.

The area also offers the gastronomy lover a wide range of flavors and activities. Not only is it possible to taste the best of the Murcian orchard and sea, but also to visit the wineries of the Jumilla D.O., since it is located a short distance from La Manga.


The postcard of the Alcazar and the aqueduct covered in snow is one of the best-known winter images in Spain. This is not surprising, since Segovia is a perfect destination for a winter vacation in Spain.

The city acquires a special charm when it is covered in snow. Far from being an empty city due to the low temperatures, it is possible to find a large influx of tourists and locals to visit its historical monuments.

In addition, the jewels of Segovia's gastronomy such as roast suckling pig or beans from La Granja are the best allies to fight the cold after a walk through a city that smells of wood and stove.


The city of Toledo is another top destination for the winter. It is among the most visited cities in Spain, a title undoubtedly deserved. The so-called city of the three cultures is another of those places to visit in winter in Spain.

The city that saw the birth of the most important works of El Greco not only has a wide cultural offer as the numerous churches and museums that are found throughout the city. It also offers alternatives for travelers seeking tranquility and disconnection, such as its Parador, which is located in a Mudejar-inspired building and offers privileged views of the entire city.


This ancient city usually associated with summer is also one of the best places to visit in Spain in winter. It combines its past, which dates back to its foundation in 1100 BC, with the most modern proposals, both cultural and gastronomic.

Cadiz enjoys mild temperatures in winter, which makes it a very pleasant destination for those who want to escape the cold without leaving the Iberian Peninsula. Its beautiful architecture, its extensive gastronomy and the life that is breathed in its streets even on the coldest days make the city the ideal place for a winter getaway.


Those who are looking for destinations in Spain to visit in winter, but do not want to face very low temperatures have in Alicante a perfect destination. Its annual average of 19 ºC provides mild winters, ideal to enjoy its landscape and its cultural offer.

Unlike in summer, visiting places like the castle of Santa Barbara is much more pleasant with lower temperatures. A tour of the old town or the exhibitions of the Gravina Fine Arts Museum or the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Alicante offer the opportunity to learn about the history of the Mediterranean at first hand.

In addition, it is an opportunity to get to know the city in a quieter and more comfortable way than in the bustling summer season, giving the walks in front of the Postiguet a nostalgic look that permeates the traveler as much as its landscape.

Canary Islands

It is impossible to talk about destinations in Spain to visit in winter without referring to the archipelago that has "sun insurance", in the same way that it is impossible to talk about only one of these islands as a destination for winter tourism.

The archipelago has an average temperature of 24 ºC, which makes its winters the warmest in the country. But the Canary Islands are more than just beaches where you can enjoy bathing even at this time of the year; on the lucky islands there are four National Parks for hiking and nature lovers. The Parque de las Cañadas del Teide is a must for those who choose Tenerife as a destination. Carnival, hiking, cultural visits, water sports and gastronomy are just some of the attractions that make the archipelago the perfect place for a winter vacation in Spain.

The offer of our country for those looking for winter plans includes all kinds of destinations and possibilities. Have you already chosen yours?