La Cala - La Manga Club
La Cala - La Manga Club

La Cala Restaurant - Grand Hyatt La Manga Club Golf & Spa

Mediterranean essence

La Cala Restaurant 


Located on top of a cliff, enjoy a restaurant where you can see the Mediterranean sea, and a small cove with the same name to have a unique eating experience.

The restaurant La Cala can be found in a privileged location which is close to the sea, the ´La Cala del Barco´ cove: one of the most spectacular places inside the resort, and on the Murcian coast.

The surroundings of La Cala are just as special as its food: the most Mediterranean and pure in its traditions, with its quality fresh fish and seafood, as well as the traditional local dishes, such as caldero- a typical delicacy of the region.

Frequently cited as one of the region´s most romantic restaurants, the gastronomical experience at La Cala will not leave you disappointed.



Information and reservations: 
Phone: (+34) 968 331234

*Please note that you will need your own vehicle to access to La Cala. In case of rain this restaurant will remain closed.





La Cala del Barco at La Manga Club also offers refreshments, ice cream and much more. 



La Cala restaurante