Cricket at La Manga Club

La Manga Club offers the best cricket facilities in Spain to play and train on. Thanks to our community´s international passion for this sport, cricket has become to be highly important to us. La Manga Club also has a European Cricket Centre:

  • 6 first-class grass pitches
  • 2 artificial wickets 
  • 23 grass net lanes
  • 5 artificial net lanes

La Manga Club´s European Cricket Centre is the overseas training base for the National Teams of Ireland and Scotland. We are also one of the academy and tournament headquarters of the European Cricket Federation (ICC), as well for the Spanish National Team and La Manga Club´s Cricket Club. 

Our fields have held some of the most important national cricket tournaments, concentrating mainly on players from the UK, Europe and Asia.

Centro Europeo de Críquet de La Manga Club


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