La Manga Club - historia
La Manga Club - historia

History of La Manga Club

With almost half a century of history behind it, La Manga Club has become, over the years, a landmark as a sports and leisure holiday destination in south-eastern Spain.

La Manga Club´s history dates back to 1972, when the Californian born golfer and businessman Gregory Peters invested in the construction of a complex which was similar to those that already existed in America. Built in less than 11 months, it was a pioneer resort in Spain because it was dedicated almost exclusively to golf. La Manga Club was the first resort in Spain to open with 2 golf courses, courses that opened during a time when golf was practically unknown in the area where it was located. 

Peters put the historic golfer Gary Player at the center of the golf courses. He was later followed by Manuel Ballesteros, the brother of Severiano Ballesteros and Víctor García, the father of Sergio García. Over time, more facilities were added alongside these golf courses: a hotel, apartments, football fields and a centre with 28 tennis courts. This Tennis Centre was managed by one of the greatest names in world tennis: Manolo Santana.

Despite having passed through different owners, La Manga Club has always managed to maintain its original essence. 

Today, La Manga Club, with 560 hectares (which is almost 6 square kilometers of land), continues to be one of the most recognised sports and leisure holiday resorts in Europe.

After 50 years of commitment to excellence, La Manga Club is reinventing itself and in May 2023 will see the birth of a the Grand Hyatt La Manga Club & Resort hotel with a total renovation of the 192 rooms, a wide variety of bars and restaurants with different international cuisines and new exclusive spaces such as infinity pools for adults only and a new fitness and wellness centre.