14 May 2024

Acha, Our New Four-Legged Public Relations Officer

Grand Hyatt La Manga Club Golf & Spa da la Bienvenida a Acha, nuestra Relaciones Públicas de Cuatro Patas

Acha, Our New Four-Legged Public Relations Officer - Grand Hyatt La Manga Club Golf & Spa


Meet Acha, the new Public Relations Officer at Grand Hyatt La Manga Club & Spa!

Acha, an adorable dog rescued from the streets of a town in the region by the shelter, Adopta Vida, in Cartagena, is the newest addition to our family. Her story touched our hearts, and she won us over immediately, so we decided to welcome her into our hotel.

Since her arrival on March 18, seven-month-old Acha has filled every corner with joy and affection. She is an active and affectionate companion, always ready to greet guests with her wagging tail and her smile that brightens the day of everyone she meets.

The name ‘Acha’, a diminutive of ‘muchacha’, reflects the warmth and familiarity of our land, the region of Murcia, where it is a very common term. Her adoption is a testament to our commitment to animal welfare and the local community.

We are delighted to welcome Acha to our large family and excited to see how her affection and radiant presence will bring joy to every corner of our hotel.

Welcome to your new home, Acha! 🐾


  • Meet the Animal Shelter 'Adopta Vida': Supporting Furry Friends in the Region

Adopta Vida is an animal shelter based in Cartagena, dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding loving homes for abandoned and mistreated animals in the region. Founded by a group of volunteers passionate about animals, the organisation works tirelessly to improve the welfare of homeless animals, providing them with veterinary care, shelter and, most importantly, love and affection. Adopta Vida also strives to raise awareness in the community about the importance of responsible adoption, sterilisation and proper pet care. Their dedication and commitment have made it possible for many animals to find a fresh start in loving homes.