27 December 2022

Activities for children in Cartagena

Organising a family getaway goes beyond finding a pleasant destination in which to spend a few days disconnecting from routine. Travelling with the youngest members of the family also means finding plans that they can enjoy while getting to know the destination. Cartagena is one of those places capable of satisfying the curiosity of children and adults alike. A city where you can soak up culture and history in a family plan that will delight the whole family.

More than 2,200 years of history await travellers arriving in the city of Cartagena today, so why not make the children feel part of it? The past takes to the streets of the city in the many activities for children that can be found in Cartagena.

Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs... All the stages of the city's history come together at the same time in a wide range of plans to make your children's holidays unforgettable. Because learning history is not incompatible with having fun.

These are some of the most fascinating leisure plans for children that you can find in Cartagena.

Scipio versus Hannibal

One of the most important episodes in the history of the city comes to life once again at the Roman Theatre Museum in Cartagena. This family activity allows you to learn about the history of the Second Punic War and its protagonists while visiting the Roman Theatre.

Children will feel immersed in this historical episode as part of one of the legions in costumes of the period and will celebrate Scipio's triumph after the battle.

This activity takes place every Saturday in September and is aimed at families with children from 5 to 10 years old. It is necessary to book in advance at the Roman Theatre Museum.

Treasure hunt

From Romans to pirates. The coast of Cartagena has always been a fundamental enclave in the navigation of the Mediterranean, and that includes the much-feared pirates. The children's workshop Treasure Hunt allows the youngest members of the family to become pirates for a day at the Christmas Fort.

This is the ultimate test for all those who want to become pirates of renown. Enigmas, riddles and tests of courage will allow children to spend a fun morning while raising awareness of the importance of protecting the cultural and historical legacy of the area.

The workshop takes place on Thursdays in July, August and September at 5.30pm and includes a trip on a tourist catamaran leaving from the port's Escala Real. To book a place in this workshop, please go to the website www.cartagenapuertodeculturas.com.

A patrician in the House of Fortuna

The patricians were the upper class of Roman society and some of their houses can be visited today, such as the Casa de la Fortuna in Cartagena. A patrician in the Casa de la Fortuna will allow children to discover the daily life of a Roman domus from the hand of one of its inhabitants.

A patrician dressed in the fashion of the time will guide the whole family through a journey through time in which they will discover the customs of the time: how they slept, what they ate and what rituals they performed. All this while visiting the remains of the Casa de la Fortuna, its mosaics and paintings.

This family activity takes place on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in July, August and September at 12 pm and 1 pm. You only need to book in advance on the website.


This activity is another opportunity for children to learn about life in Cartagena in Roman times. A workshop that through dramatisation allows them to learn about the theatre of the time and its actors, the buildings where these shows took place, and Roman politics, religion and society.

The workshop takes place in the Roman Theatre of Cartagena on Wednesdays in July, August and September at 11:30 am and is aimed at children from 5 to 10 years old, who must be accompanied by at least one adult.

To book this activity, please visit the Cartagena Port of Cultures website.

Galba, Nero's enemy

Roman culture permeates every corner of Cartagena and many important historical figures have passed through the city. In the dramatised visit Galba, Nero's enemy, it is possible to get to know the Roman forum of the city and the politics of the empire through this important character.

This activity for all audiences takes place at night (9pm), making it perfect for enjoying summer evenings once the temperatures have dropped. Every Friday in July and August there is a date with history, you only need to buy tickets online or at any Cartagena Port of Cultures centre.

Sport in the surroundings of the Mar Menor

The Mar Menor is a real paradise for beginners in all kinds of sports. Being a sea with little swell, the nautical days are a unique experience: sailing, paddle surfing, water skiing, windsurfing or even kayaking are very popular in summer. The Mar Menor is perfect for youngsters to gain confidence and enjoy an activity with the family.

Tennis, golf, football, football or basketball improvement courses. For the more sporty boys and girls there is always the possibility of improving their skills with the ball, the stick or the racket in one of the courses offered in the academies of the large resorts such as those offered by La Manga Club Resort.

Cartagena, living history and an ideal destination for a holiday with children

History is more alive than ever in the city. The wide range of leisure activities for children in Cartagena makes it clear that this is a perfect destination for those looking to enjoy a family holiday without leaving room for boredom.

In Cartagena and its surroundings we can find all kinds of sporting, cultural, historical and entertainment activities... to do with the youngest members of the family. A complete destination for a different kind of holiday where fun is guaranteed.