7 January 2019

Golf and English: How golf is taught at La Manga Club

This Saturday 12th January, golf lessons for children at La Manga Club, as always, taught in English. They are aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 18.

La Manga Club, 7th January 2019.- In these times when children spend little to no time outdoors, and do not know how to have fun without having a console, tablet, mobile or similar in their hands, La Manga Club offers a good alternative to have fun in the middle of nature, that of golfing.

Golf is a sport that carries lots of benefits for children: it is a healthy physical acitvity that takes place outside, so children are in full contact with nature and breathe fresh air, as well as establish interpersonal relationships with other peers. Instructors instill golf values such as companionship, responsibility, honesty or socialization, as well as improving the development of basic motor skills. However, La Manga Club brings added value to these golf lessons, that of learning another language. Teachers teach their lessons and form their relationships with their students in english