25 November 2019

Halloween at La Manga Club

Thanks to the wide range of activity suggestions and events on offer, La Manga Club will scrap the stereotype that Halloween can only be fun for children. We will help you to see that, on this day, the treats are not all just in their sweets.

Starting off with the events, La Manga Club itself is hosting its own Halloween party, which is being held at our very own Luigi restaurant. This event will see the restaurant decorated to the highest festive level on both Halloween night itself (Thursday 31st October) until 1st November. The staff, as well as the pizza maker, will also be in disguise, wearing fancy dress to add to the spooky atmosphere and to set the scene.

The event will also be open to everyone, to both children and adults, as the Luigi bartender will be serving up a glass (or two) of a ´Bloody Chupito´, which comes with and without alcohol. And, if all of the above isn’t already tempting enough, those who come dressed up will get a free cocktail… really, what more could you ask for?!

The fun doesn’t just stop at Halloween, for we have also designed a special program for children to get involved in, enjoying all of the perks of festive fun. From Tuesday 22nd- Monday 29th October, the Junior Club at the La Manga Club will be conducting a variety of activities for your little ones to get involved in.

From cookery themed workshops and magic potions, to Halloween bingo and dance parties, your child will be entertained for days on end, with the fun starting at 9am- 6pm, and all classes are optional to attend. There will also be a special Halloween costume party with a mini disco taking place on the night, so make sure they don’t miss out on this one!

Come down to experience the fun of La Manga Club, and all that it has to offer this Halloween.