25 November 2019

Success at the VI Sunset Race

On Saturday 10th August, with a stunning 8pm sunset to set the scene, the VI edition of the Sunset Race at La Manga Club begun, with 300 brave runners of all ages and different nationalities taking part.

La Manga Club, 16 August 2019 – With contenders still arriving at 7 in the evening, an extensive queue of keen participants had already formed. This queue was for the number badges to be handed out and for the runners’ names to be checked in.

All around the North and South grounds, which lie in front of the Principle Felipe 5* Hotel, many of the contenders were warming up and preparing to run, whilst others were merely relaxing and enjoying spending time with their families under the sweltering sun.

By the time the runners had crowded around the starting line, underneath an extremely eye catching blue inflatable archway, there was an unmissable buzz of excitement and chatter in the air. This only emphasized the runners’ eagerness to start the race: to start the moment that they had all being waiting for.

At the sound of the horn they were off, running straight through the grounds of the North Course: along the path ways, around the palm trees, and over the courses sloping hills.

Alongside the enthusiastic crowds who were encouragingly cheering them on, the runners persevered through the vast grounds of the La Manga Club golf courses, courses that are extremely beautiful and perfect places to run through. It was a glorious event to see.

The unbeatable atmosphere of warmth, enthusiasm and community spirit made this event the best way to spend an evening under the sun. The contenders really were getting the best of both, a ‘little’ bit of exercise whilst seeing these renowned golf courses in all their glory.

The views, as well, were outstanding, for you could see the sun setting around every corner of the course. Luckily there were cones to mark the route, so no one got lost and had given themselves even more work to do!

With the finish line in sight approximately half an hour later at 8:30pm, it was a joy to watch these hard workers do their bests to sprint to the very end.

Followed by a chance to stock up on refreshments that were handed out by the hotels staff, the runners were finally able to relax, knowing that they had all done themselves very proud.

Jose Carlos Caparrós from Club Alumbres Sport and Isa Fernández from Grupo Alcaraz were the final winners of this 7km race: a race not to be missed for any running enthusiast who wants to enjoy some spectacular scenery and make some wonderful memories.