La Manga Club, academia de fútbol para niños
La Manga Club, academia de fútbol para niños

Junior Football Academy

The La Manga Club Junior Football Academy prepares children of all levels and ages with FA/UEFA qualified coaches. Our academy is taught during Easter and summer, in addition to other periods of the year with a large influx of visitors. It is organised by levels and ages.


La Manga Club football academy programme


6 - 9 years old academy

These sessions contain a mixture of activities where the player touches the ball many times as a way to improve their individual skills and techniques using different methods: touch and ball control, passing, haggling/ running with the ball, techniques on how to hit the ball, small games on the side, etc. The sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes long. This hour is spent working on different techniques that change daily, and the remaining 30 minutes are spent on playing a game. 

10 - 12 years old academy

Sessions for this age group are more challenging, both through the ways overall skills are improved and how players understand football to be. The games come in a variety of formats in order to provide the basis for the sessions, with players working within a team structure and not just individually.  As a result, players are more aware of their participation and responsibilities within the team, while focusing on improving their skills and their overall understanding of the game. These sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes long. This hour is dedicated to improving the players skills and understanding of the team in small team matches, while the last 30 minutes are used for free game play. The techniques covered change daily.

Performance Academy: Technical (13 - 16 years)

The TECHNICAL program contains much more structured sessions that include team play, functional activity (covering attack and defense situations), positional play (in and out of possession), and small games by bands, from 1v1s to 9 per team.  También cubre los muchos aspectos involucrados cuando los jugadores están trabajando dentro de las "unidades" del equipo, así como dentro del marco general de un equipo. These sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutos long. This hour focuses on the activities that are mentioned above, and the last 30 minutes are used for free game play.
Performance Academy: Fitness (13 - 16 years) The FITNESS program focuses on working with your feet ("Quick Feet"), speed, acceleration, agility, basic conditioning exercise, short and sharp work in small spaces, etc., and part of the program is designed to do so with the ball. The program does NOT incorporate long runs or the use of weights, as we believe that these can be done individually outside of the Academy, if the players so desire. 
Goalkeepers Academy  This Academy operates during the 9 weeks of the SUMMER ACADEMY, with a 1 hour morning session covering the technical areas of the goalkeeper and improving individual skills, as well as a 1 hour afternoon session that covers the overall match game. Morning activities cover several techniques that goalkeepers are required to know. These include: basic handling, foot movement, long dive stops, collapsed dive stops, trapped above head height, crosses, 1 v 1 situations, controlling the ball with the feet, kicks from deadball situations, and out of hand. These exercises are intended to achieve a players level of improvement through a short, sharp, and intensive approach.  
2022 Football academy



Week 3 - 4 – 8 April
Week 4 - 11 -15 April
Week 5 - 18 - 22 April

Week 6 - 30 May – 3 June - CXL

Week 7 - 11 – 15 July
Week 8 - 18 – 22 July
Week 9 - 25 – 29 July 
Week 11 - 1 – 5 August
Week 12 - 8 – 12 August 
Week 12 (B) - 15 – 19 August 

Week 13 - 17 – 21 October
Week 14 - 24 – 28 October 




5 day academy
Sports rights - €250
Residents / Hotel guests - €270

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Football academies will take place at the football centre.
Please arrive at the Football pitch 10 minutes before the starting time.
Please ensure player has appropriate sports football clothing for academies.

Please note that academies require a minimum number of partcipants. Should minimum not be achieved academy may be cancelled.

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