Triumph of the Spanish women in the Spanish Senior Women’s International Championship

La Manga Club hosts the 2019 Spanish Senior Women’s International Championship

Macarena Campomanes has added her second victory in this championship, which she already got in 2015, an edition that was also celebrated in La Manga Club. The third place was for Xonia Wünsch and the fourth for María Castillo, to the margin of the eighth place of Lourdes Barbeito that increased the number of Spanish within the Top 10.

La Manga Club, 11st of March.- The International Championship of Spain Senior Doubles and Individual 2019, held last week in La Manga Club, has shown the good time of Spanish women's senior golf. With 21 participants out of a total of 90, four Spaniards managed to 'get' into the Top 10 of the Individual Championship and also get the first place in the Doubles Championship, with Maria de Orueta and Xonia Wünsch. 

Macarena Campomanes was three goals ahead of María de Orueta. Among other outstanding triumphs, she has the European Individual Senior 2016 and 2018 and the British Senior Ladies 2017. Special mention also for the Canarian Maria Castillo and the Madrid Xonia Wünsch and Maria de Orueta - the last two, winners in the category Doubles of this International Senior Spain, who have also shone with Lourdes Barbeito at the top of the classification.

The International of Spain Individual is one of the three scoring events for the National Ranking Senior Women 2019. The other two are the Rioja Alta Senior Women's Grand Prix (5-7 April) and the Spanish Individual Scorpion Championship (Valencia), to be held from 17 to 19 May.