3 November 2022

Spain's best beaches to go with children

When summer arrives and temperatures start to rise, beaches are the best way to combat the heat. Spain, with almost 8,000 kilometres of coastline, is a paradise for sun and beach lovers, which is why millions of tourists choose our country for their holidays. Families travelling with children also tend to prefer destinations near the beach as they are ideal for activities with children, sports and relaxation.

Throughout our geography we can find beaches with all kinds of surfaces: fine sand, pebbles, rocks, black sand, volcanic soil... Similarly, there are kilometres of beaches with gentle waves, but very crowded, as opposed to small, charming, almost solitary coves where you can enjoy crystal clear waters and a pleasant family day out. Which are the best?

The truth is that we can find arguments to defend one beach or another, depending on our interests and with more or less objective criteria. The important thing when choosing the best beaches in Spain to go with children is to evaluate each beach according to our specific needs, as no two beaches are the same, just as no two families are the same. 

When it comes to looking for a holiday destination, the coastal resorts offer their best options to attract tourists. But not all beaches are good to go with children and although each family will have their own preferences, there are a series of services or characteristics that definitely tip the balance.

Are blue flag beaches the best beaches to go with children?

The blue flag criterion serves perfectly well as a first filter when choosing a beach. Blue flags are awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to beaches that meet a series of environmental conditions and facilities divided into four areas. The areas evaluated by the FEE technicians are those relating to:

  • Bathing water quality: According to different water measurements at different points and times, Blue Flag beaches must have excellent water, based on the Bathing Water Quality Directive.
  • Environmental information and education: Blue Flag beaches must provide information on the characteristics of the beach, on the coastal ecosystems and, if there are protected natural areas nearby, information and a code of conduct for these areas.
  • Environmental management: Beaches must have good waste management, including selective waste collection, and comply with environmental legislation. They must also have public toilets and, in the case of urban beaches, these toilets must be adapted for people with reduced mobility.
  • Safety, services and facilities: Beaches that qualify for this consideration will have easy and safe access and, in the case of urban beaches, they must also be accessible to people with disabilities. This area is completed with the need for first aid equipment and lifeguard and lifeguard personnel

The first impression is that blue flag beaches are very close to what parents are looking for as ideal beaches for children, but there are other requirements that make a beach a favourite for a summer with children. 

It is important to assess, depending on the age of the children, these characteristics listed below:

  • Little or no waves, no undertow and good water temperature.
  • Presence of showers and/or footbaths to remove sand. If there are benches nearby to leave things while we help the little ones, all the better.
  • Ease and proximity of parking that allows a single trip from the car to the sand.
  • More and more beaches have swings or a half-enclosed playground on the sand.
  • The existence of beach bars, supermarkets or restaurants in the area that facilitate the purchase of water, ice cream or any other emergency, is a salvation.
  • Rental of deckchairs or sun loungers, for those who do not want to lie on the sand.
  • Quality sand that does not hurt bare feet and allows children to play at building castles or raking and making shapes with the shovels.
  • Proximity to leisure or sports facilities. The fact that the beach is close to some of the best golf courses in Spain, a surf academy, a tennis school and/or a marina, allows leisure alternatives for young and old alike.

These requirements could be codified in some way by a public body and thus give recognition to the beaches according to whether they are considered perfect to go with children. In the meantime, we can take into account the following selection of the best beaches in Spain to go with children:

Calahonda Beach in Granada

This beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and clean sands has parking nearby and easy access by road. It is located in the town of Calahonda, belonging to the municipality of Motril and is one of the best kept secrets of the coast of Granada. It is a wide beach of about 40-50 metres and a length of 1.5 kilometres. Calahonda is a small and quiet village which does not prevent the beach from having all the services and also, in summer, it offers educational games, crafts and workshops for children between six and sixteen years old. 

Las Teresitas beach in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Las Teresitas is one of the best beaches in Spain for children. It is an idyllic beach located in the village of San Andrés, belonging to the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, from the centre of which it is barely 10 km away. It is a beach with easy access and parking, surrounded by kiosks for eating, some of which offer a sun lounger and Balinese bed rental service. It has all the services of a real urban beach and among the great advantages of this beach are: the quality of its sand - imported from the Sahara - and the existence of a breakwater parallel to the coast that eliminates the waves and turns the sea into a swimming pool. Finally, the mild climate of the island of Tenerife during all months of the year allows you to enjoy this beach 365 days a year.

Beaches of La Manga in Cartagena 

La Manga del Mar Menor is an arm of sand almost 20 km long that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Mar Menor. A unique enclave with magnificent areas to enjoy the beach with the little ones. One of the great advantages of La Manga, apart from its climate and accessibility, is the possibility of enjoying two different scenarios that offer a different landscape in just a few metres. The Mediterranean Sea, which bathes the eastern area, has clean white sand, showers, security, beach bars and all the necessary facilities. On the other side we have the Mar Menor, ideal for the practice of all kinds of water sports, where the water temperature is higher, allowing endless bathing and a well-deserved rest for parents and children. The Mar Menor is a salty lagoon with hardly any waves and where children will be on their feet almost all the time. In addition to the beaches, there are many places to see in La Manga and its surroundings, starting with Cabo de Palos, the islands of Menor and the Calblanque Regional Park. 

Las Arenas beach in Valencia

An urban beach located in the heart of the city of Valencia which is one of the best alternatives for family leisure. This beach is one of the best for families as it has all the necessary services and fine golden sand. With a length of 1.2 kilometres and more than 120 metres wide, it is one of the best beaches to go with children in the Valencian Community. 

Quiet beaches to go with babies

These beaches that we have listed are also a reference for those who are looking for a beach to go with babies. If you had to add one requirement to the baby-friendly beaches, you would have to look for a beach with a parasol rental service or shaded areas. The little ones have very sensitive skin and should not be exposed to the sun's rays for long periods of time, even if they are covered with sun cream.

Beach of Sant Antoni de Calonge (Gerona)

We close our selection of the best beaches in Spain to go with children with this beach in Gerona, which has a specific area for babies. It is a quiet beach located in the Baix Empordà area, with a play area and a children's club on the beach itself. The great attraction of this beach is that every year in summer the Baby Space is installed. This is a municipal initiative that includes shaded areas for the little ones and another area with changing tables. The Baby Space is completed with games for children and workshops and talks for parents and families of children. 

Have you already chosen a destination for your next holiday with children?