15 December 2022

Tentegorra Route on Mount Roldán in Cartagena

One of the great attractions for couples and families who decide to spend their holidays at La Manga Club is the wide variety of fun plans for all ages that can be carried out from such a privileged location.

Both those seeking disconnection and relaxation during these days and lovers of active and adventure tourism will find an inexhaustible list of visits and activities in the area surrounding the hotel. The Tentegorra route in Monte Roldán adds to the list of 10 places to see in Cartagena and is a perfect plan to do with children on holiday.

The route starts at the Recreational Park "Rafael de la Cerda" also known as Tentegorra Park. This park has countless attractions, first class sports facilities and a privileged location, in the middle of the largest grove of trees in Cartagena and only 5 minutes from the city centre. The park has a children's adventure area and swimming pools with slides and is very popular with families as it has the largest plant maze in Spain.

A visit to Monte Roldán will offer incredible views and a very pleasant walk with your partner or family, but the little ones will be delighted to discover one of Cartagena's favourite leisure spots. If you have already visited all the historical buildings and museums of Cartagena, the visit to the Tentegorra Park will surprise you!

Mount Roldán

From Tentegorra Park, the ascent to Monte Roldán begins. A climb that we will do on the right side of the mountain and that from the beginning will give us some wonderful views and landscapes. The path is well signposted with red and white markings and after crossing a beautiful pine forest we will reach the Roldán pass, also known as the Roldán viewpoint, from where we will have one of the best views of the Cartagena coastline.

When we leave the Mirador de Roldán following the main route we will arrive at the Roldán Battery. This military protection construction is an obligatory stop to continue enjoying the views of the area. The Roldán Battery is an example of the strategic importance of the Port of Cartagena and the need for military defence.

On leaving the battery, the only thing left to do is to go down the hillside along a zigzagging path that will take us to the starting point of the route: the Tentegorra Park.

Discover the Tentegorra Route

This is a circular route that is very popular at weekends and does not offer much difficulty. With just 6 km in length, it is an ideal route for the whole family to discover the landscape and flora of the region of Murcia. The difference in altitude is 400 metres along the 6 km route, so it is relatively quick, between 60-75 minutes.

It is a very popular route where it is common to come across people running or on mountain bikes. The marvellous views along the route are one of the main attractions of this route. An essential way to get to know the city of Cartagena.

How to get to the route

To get to the Tentegorra route it is best to find the access to the car park of the Parque Recreativo "Rafael de la Cerda" or Tentegorra Park, as the main road leaves from there. The park is located in the western part of the city just 4 km from the Roman Theatre and the centre of Cartagena in the direction of Rosalar.

The best way to get to the park from La Manga Club is via the Cartagena ring road. To access this road we must take the Murcia - La Manga motorway from Los Belones and follow the signs to Cartagena. It takes 30 minutes to get to both points.

You can also get there from the centre of Cartagena by public transport by taking bus 3a from Plaza Basterreche.

The route from Tentegorra to Monte Roldán is a great excursion to do in Cartagena. The total gradient of the route is just under 400 m, and the length is less than 6 km. Those who are more prepared can do the whole route in about an hour. As it is considered an easy route and offers incredible views all the way, it is ideal for families.

Don't forget to pack comfortable shoes and get out and about in the region!