9 March 2023

What to do in Cartagena at Easter

Easter is one of the holiday periods par excellence in our country. A few days where you can take a short break from the beginning of the year to renew your strength. But it can be experienced in a different way, especially if you have decided to spend these days away from home.

If you have chosen Cartagena or the surrounding area as your destination for Easter Week, you will surely already know that in this region Easter Week is much more than that, and that you have the perfect opportunity to get to know first-hand one of the most important festivals in the calendar.

Holy Week in Cartagena was declared of International Tourist Interest in 2005, a festival that is lived intensely from the Friday of Sorrows until Easter Sunday and in which carvings of high artistic value are carried through the streets of the city in a festive and at the same time overwhelming atmosphere.

Easter Week plans in Cartagena

Whatever time of year you visit Cartagena, the reality is that this city has a lot to offer. Cartagena is, at the end of the day, a port of cultures in which you can visit vestiges of all the stages of the city since its first settlements. Without a doubt a perfect destination for those looking to learn a little more about history.

It is impossible to think of cultural plans in the city without talking about Holy Week in Cartagena. During this time of year, the city bustles with locals and visitors who flock to the streets to see the processions and experience them first hand. A perfect opportunity to see some of the most highly-prized sculptures in the art of imagery and, at the same time, to enjoy the Murcian gastronomy of the season.

And if what you want is some time to relax, you can always go to areas that offer more relaxed plans by the sea, such as La Manga or San Javier. It's up to you to decide.

Processions in Cartagena

As you already know, Easter Week in Cartagena was declared of International Tourist Interest in 2005. What you probably don't know is that every year in Cartagena there is what is considered to be the first procession in Spain, that of the Cristo del Socorro.

If there is one thing that characterises this procession, it is the order and the simultaneous and unperturbed movement of the capirotes in each of the processions. There are four brotherhoods in charge of the processions that take place during this time in the streets of Cartagena: the California, the Marraja, the Socorro and the Resucitado. In these processions, the thrones and images walk through the narrow streets of the city centre, illuminated only by lamps (called cartelas), and the rhythmic passing of the brotherhoods makes the streets sparkle, creating a unique atmosphere.

The most popular and spectacular processions in Cartagena are the Magna Procesión del Cristo del Prendimiento de los Californios on Holy Wednesday and the Procesión del Santo Entierro de los Marrajos on Good Friday.

Easter Week plans in La Manga

Easter Week in Cartagena also offers other possibilities, especially if you have decided to stay in the coastal area of La Manga. Although it is true that the temperatures cannot be compared to summer temperatures, the reality is that in the La Manga area there are more things to do than practising water sports.

Total relaxation

Whether the weather is good or you are looking for plans in La Manga in the rain, a visit to one of the spas around the Mar Menor is a good option. The underground ecosystem of the area has given rise to mud and medicinal waters that are highly appreciated for their health-giving qualities by all those who choose to treat themselves with them. The good thing is that you can opt for the most exclusive treatments in a spa such as Cruz de Levante, or directly from the source in towns such as San Pedro del Pinatar.

For golf lovers

These holidays are the perfect time to practice your favourite sport, even if you go on holiday with the little ones. At La Manga Club you have the opportunity to enjoy three different golf courses that have recently been included among the 40 best golf courses in Spain. A perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and active holiday at the same time.

Culture and gastronomy

The advantage of La Manga being so close to Cartagena is that you can opt for cultural plans in the city without spending too much time travelling. These days are a good opportunity to visit all the Roman sites found in the city. Although you can also choose to visit other places of equal historical relevance, such as the castles of Lorca and Los Vélez.

A more delicious option is to use these holidays to taste the gastronomy of the period and the region. It doesn't matter if it's in a bar or a restaurant, in any of them you can find cod fritters, rice with vegetables and cod or chard stew, and finish your meal with something sweet like torrijas or an Easter cake.


We look forward to seeing you this Easter in Cartagena. Are you going to miss it?