24 March 2023

Excursion Águilas with children: What to see and do

If you are visiting the Region of Murcia, you will surely have already realised that this autonomous region has a lot to offer. Its villages have a wide range of historical, cultural and gastronomic offer to make you fall in love with them, whether you spend a few days there or simply on an excursion.

Águilas is one of those towns that you can't miss this holiday when you're planning to visit La Manga. If you have your own car, you will have no problem getting to this town near Almería. But if you don't want to worry about where to park your car, you can also get there by taking one of the buses that leave daily from Murcia or the Murcia-Lorca train line that stops in the town.

The history of Águilas dates back to Palaeolithic times, but it is undoubtedly best known for its remains from Roman times, when it was known as Aquilae. A city that arose during the time of the Republic in the 2nd and 1st centuries B.C. due to its strategic importance on the Mediterranean coast for the departure of ships loaded with minerals from the Murcian mountains.

But the Roman influence is not the only one that can be found in the city; there are also vestiges of the period of Arab occupation, as it belonged to the Cordoba Emirate, the Cordoba Caliphate and the Taifa Kingdom of Murcia. Later, after its annexation to the Kingdom of Murcia, medieval Castilian influences can also be found.

This mixture of influences makes Águilas a unique town that is well worth including in your family summer holiday plans.


What to do in Águilas

Águilas is the perfect place to unwind, even if you visit with the little ones. This place located on the coast of Murcia and close to the border with Andalusia is full of places where you can learn a little more about history, enjoy the delicious gastronomy of the Region of Murcia and spend a different kind of day.

But what to do in Águilas? We suggest some plans for the whole family to enjoy during your visit.

Discover the Roman Baths in Águilas

It could be said that there has never been a period in which Águilas has not been occupied, since in its location you can find remains from the Palaeolithic period, but also Phoenician, Roman, Muslim remains... Everything you can imagine. That's why one of the best plans in Águilas (Murcia) with children is to learn a little more about this rich history. An unmissable visit is to the Roman Baths, which have their own museum and which will allow you to learn first-hand about the importance of these constructions for Roman life.

The Roman Baths are not the only historical building that you should visit in Águilas with the whole family. Why not take a route and get to know the most important ones in its history? The Torre de las Palomas, the Hornilllo jetty and the parish church of San José are other must-see tourist attractions in the town.

If you want to add a little more culture to your visit you should know that Águilas is also full of museums that you can visit such as the Archaeological Museum, the Carnival Museum, the Railway Museum or the Football Museum.

Visit to the Castle of San Juan de las Águilas

The Castle of San Juan de las Águilas is another of those essential things to see in Águilas. This castle dates back to the 18th century, but its foundations date back to Carthaginian times, a construction that has seen the town grow and transform over the ages.

By visiting this castle you will not only learn about its own history and its importance for the town in different periods. You will also be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the whole town and the coastline that borders it. Get your camera ready to take some of the most beautiful photos of the trip.

Touring the Civil War bunkers

There are many things to do in Águilas. The town was also of great importance during the Civil War, as it was key to the defence of the Cartagena Naval Base. This role led the town to suffer aerial bombardment, which led to the construction of bunkers located in the town centre.

The bunkers built during the Civil War can be visited today, as three of them were restored in 2019, two next to Matalentisco beach and another next to Calarreona beach. These constructions are made of concrete with an iron framework reused from rails, sleepers and the remains of wagons.

Águilas in Fiestas

Although it is true that summer is an ideal time to visit Águilas with the family, the truth is that there are festivals in which the town shines with its own light, such as the Carnival. The Carnival of Águilas is considered a Festival of International Tourist Interest and is usually held in February or early March and lasts approximately two weeks.

The Suelta de la Mussona, a half-human and half-animal creature that represents the duality of the human being, kicks off the festivities. But the main festival is the Battle between Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma. These are joined by the parades of troupes and floats on different days, which fill the streets of the town with colour and delight the whole family.


Where to eat in Águilas

One of the best things to do in Águilas is to eat. The mixture of cultures that have inhabited Águilas throughout history has left its mark on its gastronomy. Spices of Asian origin are mixed with fish and seafood from the coast and produce from the market gardens of Murcia. So you can't leave the city without having tried some examples of it, such as fish broth, escabeche, octopus salad or seafood rice. Those who do not enjoy fish will also have their chance with products such as sausages.

One of the places to try this special gastronomy is Garum. This restaurant, which shares its name with the fish sauce of Roman origin, offers dishes such as blue fish pâté, ceviche, tuna tartar, garden salads and mushroom carpaccio.

Another option is to visit the Zoco del Mar restaurant. This is the ideal place to stop if you are visiting the castle of San Juan de las Águilas, as it is very close by and has a terrace with beautiful views. Here you can try the seafood rice, salmorejo croquettes, braised octopus, sea bass ceviche or artichokes. A wide range of what the city has to offer.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the restaurant El Refugio de Juanfran, the perfect place if you are looking for comfort and an elegant atmosphere. The restaurant's menu focuses on highlighting the qualities of local produce and offers dishes such as pickled mackerel, truffle croquettes, kid's shoulder, sirloin steak with foie gras, fried lobster or red shrimp.

Águilas is well worth a visit. A town where you can do water sports, discover its history and heritage and enjoy the gastronomic delicacies of the area. There is no shortage of plans and ideas. Have you already set a date for your visit? Discover this and other towns in the Region of Murcia during your stay at La Manga Club.