A day at La Manga Club: holidays with the kids

A day at La Manga Club: holidays with the kids

La Manga Club is an immense sports, holiday and residential resort (three times the size of the Principality of Monaco), and your experience here will depend on how you organise your time during your stay. Here are our recommendations for a day at La Manga Club should you decide to spend your family holidays on our resort. 

La Manga Club, 10th August 2016. If you are still deciding where to go on holiday with the children or you have already made up your mind to make La Manga Club your base from which to enjoy a perfect beach holiday with the kids, whether you stay in our 5* Hotel or the 4* Las Lomas Village, read on for the La Manga Club suggestions for a perfect day out where family and kids come first.

8:00 hrs. Start the day energised!

There's no better way to start a family day out than with a fantastic breakfast. You can relax whilst refuelling for the day ahead of you at Amapola (at the Hotel) which serves locally sourced, seasonal products, or at the Deli Café (in Las Lomas Village), where you will find freshly baked bread, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and irresistible pastries and cakes. Objective: to recharge and gather your strength in order to take on the day. 

  Un día en La Manga Club: vacaciones con niños

10:00 hrs. Activities for all at the Junior Club

A child's experience of La Manga Club would be incomplete without making a visit to the Junior Club. For just a few hours or even the whole day, the little ones in the family can rest assured that tonnes of fun activities await them at the Junior Club, leaving no place for boredom. And if you´re lucky, you might meet the La Manga Club mascot, Max

13:00 hrs. A spot of golf before lunch 

Located at the Tennis Centre, just next to the Junior Club, you will find our mini golf course. Why not put the whole family´s golfing skills to the test? The perfect way to work up an appetite. 

14:00 hrs. Recover by the pool

After such a busy morning, it´s time to relax and enjoy a hearty lunch. If you at are the Tennis Centre, you can choose between Splash, Tie Break and Meat Point, which offers a large selection of grilled meat. If you head back to the Hotel, stop off at Sol Y Sombra for a spot of lunch, and if you return to Las Lomas, La Pérgola offers a wide selection of aperitifs and light lunches.

Un día en La Manga Club: vacaciones con niños

16:00 hrs. Choose the perfect sport or activity

At La Manga Club there's no time for boredom. We offer academies for children and youngsters in a wide range of sports: tennis, golf, football, rugby, athletics, and triathlon…even a dance academy!

18:00 hrs. A bit of beach or pool time

After some exercise, there´s nothing better than a refreshing dip in the pool or the sea. Thanks to the La Manga Club's location you can easily get to the nearby calm beaches of the Mar Menor or the Mediterranean. On the other hand, why not stop off at one of the resort pools located at the Hotel, Las Lomas Village or the Oasis pool at the Tennis Centre.

21:00 hrs. End the day with an exotic touch

To finish off the day, we suggest that you have dinner at Uncle Sam's restaurant, located at the Tennis Centre, next door to the Junior Club. True flavours from the USA which will satisfy the taste buds for the whole family.

And if, after dinner, you still want more…

If you´ve still got energy left in the tank after your busy day, why not top off a fantastic day with the kids in the play areas which can be found next to the Hotel pool or in Las Lomas Village. It´s the best way to end the day.