Welcome to the La Manga Club Wellness Centre

Come to the place where you can recharge your energy; where you can discover new ways to care for your body; and where you can feed your soul. A place where, ultimately, you can only spend time on yourself. 

Choose between an extensive program of directed activities and personalised training, all of which come at the hands of our professionals. Enjoy the beauty of our surroundings, and liberate yourself of your stresses with the help of our therapists, and a wide selection of other treatments.

Opening Hours:
    • Reception: 8am- 10pm
    • Treatments: 10am- 8:30pm
    • Water Facilities: 10am- 9:30pm 

Fitness Centre Hours:
    • Monday- Friday: 7:30am- 10pm
    • Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 8am- 9pm

Indoor- Pool Hours:
    • Monday- Friday:
        ◦ from 10am- 3:30pm
        ◦ from 5:30- 8:30pm
    • Saturdays & Sundays:
        ◦ from 10am- 2:30pm
        ◦ from 5- 8:30pm

* Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the facilities, with the exception of the indoor pool while accompanied by an adult. Children aged between 16 - 18 may only access and use the facilities if they are accompanied by an adult. 

Phone: 968 33 81 01 ext. 6100 | E-mail: wellness@lamangaclub.com

La Manga Club Spa


Fitness Centre


La Manga Club spa - tour virtual
La Manga Club spa - tour virtual

Virtual tour of the Wellness Centre

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