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Football matches at La Manga Club

Below you can find a list with the football matches planned in the Football Centre of La Manga Club. Some of the matches mentioned may be subject to change by agenda.


5 April Sweden WU23 - USA WU23 12:00 A
5 April England WU23- France WU23 15:00 G
5 April Norway WU23 - Italy WU23 18:00 A
7 April USA WU23 - France WU23 12:00 A
7 April Norway WU23 - England WU23 15:00 G
7 April Sweden WU23 - Italy WU23 18:00 A
9 April Sweden WU23 - England WU23 12:00 A
9 April Italy WU23 - USA WU23 15:00 G
9 April Norway WU23- France WU23 18:00 A