Aeration techniques makes La Manga Club’s greens perfect for playing golf

La Manga Club is spending the next few days aerating the golf courses. With this operation they are improving the physical characteristics of the ground so that the grass has the most favourable conditions for playing. The grounds will be perfect, firm and fast so that the player’s ball can glide with ease, and so that you can enjoy a good game of golf at La Manga Club!

La Manga Club 29th March 2017 – If you are playing golf at La Manga Club for the next few days, you will be able to notice that there are little holes in the grass covered with sand, as if the ground were a colander. But don’t be alarmed, it is the opposite of what these small perforations usually mean, known as aeration, which will renovate the ground where the grass is planted and will help with its restoration. This is supposed to make the grass the ideal condition for enjoying golf, making their greens firmer and faster.

Aeration consists of making small uniform holes in the ground. The perforations are about 8 cm deep and have a diameter of only 18 mm. These orifices are filled with sand which have been renovated and enriched with organic materials. The sand facilitates the passage of air and water. Water filtration means that salts are pumped out of the ground and in general, as we have said, oxygenates the earth, which is essential for correct growth of the plant.

Pinchado green. La Manga Club

In a short while, another machine will perforate the ground, but this time with rollers which homogenise the surface again by making holes in the ground. Once this process is done, the grass will return to its ideal conditions after suffering the repetitive force which come from the balls. The golf balls hit and compact the ground when falling from a certain height.

The aeration technique takes place twice a year at La Manga Club, coinciding with the arrival of spring and autumn. Or equally, with the change of climate, as we are now saying goodbye to the winter cold. It will happen again with the drop of temperatures during winter, to provide the best possible conditions for the grass before the most adverse seasons. The greenkeepers of the resort do this operation on the 120 hectares of grass that is shared between: the North course, South course, West course (each one with 18 holes) and the Pitch & Putt.

Pinchado green. La Manga Club

La Manga Club is included in some of the best golf resort in the World, because if there is one sport that distinguishes this complex from the rest of the sport resorts in the world, it is golf. Additionally, it is the headquarters for a number of national, international and corporate tournaments. Between the services which La Manga Club has to offer, there is the new golf academy, La Manga Club Golf Training Centre, directed by the reputable Swedish instructor, Thomas Johansson, who has integrated a new method of teaching and adapting classes to the previous experience of each student.