Golf: La Manga Club is to host the long-awaited national final of the World Amateur Golfers Championship WAGC 2016

Golf La Manga Club: campo Norte

The World Amateur Golfers Championship Spain (WAGC) arrives at La Manga Club on September 16 to stage the national final of this golf tournament.  After a tour of the entire country, which included thirty regional trials, the five best amateur golfers will be selected from this final to represent Spain.

La Manga Club, 8 September 2016 - More than three thousand amateur golfers nationwide have participated in the regional trails of the World Amateur Golfers Championship Spain; in total, 25 regions within the Iberian Peninsula and 11 on the Balearic Islands. The WAGC returns to La Manga Club on this occasion to stage the long-awaited national final to find the best five amateur golfers from each category in Spain.

The final will be held over three days, 16, 17 and 18 September in La Manga Club. The first day’s action (Saturday) will be on the South and West courses with the following day being played out on the South and North courses. The 125 finalists will battle to qualify as the best player in their category. The five best players will then have the pride of representing Spain in the world finals which will be held in Durban, South Africa from 22 to 29 October. This grand final will see a gathering of the best amateur players representing over 40 international countries.


One of the regional trails was held at La Manga Club at the start of August. In this event, Iñigo Carmona, Augusto Carmona, José Juan Eulogio, Ricardo Mestre and Andrés Gargallo qualified for the finals in categories 1ª, 2ª, 3ª, 4ª and 5ª respectively.

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