La Cala Restaurant at La Manga Club updates its look and Mediterranean menu

La Cala Restaurant. La Manga Club

La Cala restaurant, situated on the top of a cliff, is the preferred spot to have lunch for loads of visitors of La Manga Club. The restaurant has spectacular views of ‘La Cala del Barco’ cove and the Mediterranean Sea, which has made it an idyllic location to dine. Additionally, La Cala has fitted new furniture and a new Mediterranean menu. This will allow, if it can fit everyone, maximum enjoyment for the diners that choose this restaurant.

La Manga Club 5th April 2017 – La Cala is an idyllic location to have lunch with spectacular views of 'La Cala del Barco’ cove, which is just at your feet, and the Mediterranean Sea that can be seen in the background. The restaurant is situated on a cliff in one of the most relaxing places to eat in La Manga Club and most unique gastronomic experiences. This season, La Cala has updated its menu but continues the same way, opting for products from the Mediterranean Sea: with fresh fish and coastal seafood.

Restaurante La Cala. La Manga Club

The new menu includes seafood: grilled Mediterranean sardines, fried fish – La Cala style, Deep-fried calamari or calamari with green sauce, prawns in garlic butter and clams ‘a la marinera’ (in a white wine, onion and garlic sauce). With a meal in front of the sea you can’t not have a refreshing salad or homemade ‘salmorejo’ soup. Of course, on this menu it has accommodated for a flavoursome ration of Iberian ham and delicious rice dishes, cooked with Calasparra rice, an ingredient from the region of Murcia with designation of origin, a distinction which grants Spain with some of the best products.

La Cala has also added new furniture in the past few days - much more fitting with the special surroundings that it can be found in. The new seats and tables are a light wood colour oozing a relaxing vibe, in perfect harmony with the spectacular scenery of the Mediterranean Sea and its cove.

If you would like to enjoy this great gastronomic experience in a location with spectacular views, here are the opening times: open from 9am until 4:30pm, closed on Monday and Tuesday for a staff break. This Easter week (from 10th to 16th April), the restaurant will keep its doors open to the public for the whole week. You can also reserve by calling +34 968 33 12 60 or send an e-mail: