3.9 million investment to be made in the expansion and improvement of the road between Los Belones and Atamaría

Bernabé highlights that the commitment to road safety works will involve the construction of roundabouts, a bike path and a pedestrian route.

La Manga Club, 23rd March, 2015. The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning, Francisco Bernabé, accompanied by the mayor of Cartagena, Pilar Barreiro, and the mayor of La Union, Julio García Cegarra, today introduced the draft reform of the RM-314 road, which joins Los Belones with Atamaría, "which will mean a great improvement in terms of road safety for both vehicles and the numerous cyclists and pedestrians that use it, especially during the summer months."

Bernabé stressed that this action, which will run for more than four kilometres has a budget of 3.9 million, "the road will have a higher level of service, access roads will be governed by roundabouts and there will be a continuation of the existing bike path between Portman and Atamaría until Los Belones. Also, an itinerary for the construction of a pedestrian sidewalk is planned.

The holder of Development said that with the widening and improvement of this road it "will provide notably better access to the motorway for the people of Portman through the Calblanque Regional Park, and will also benefit an important part of the population of the community of La Unión.

The RM-314 is currently a very narrow road and is between 6 and 7 metres wide from the start until 2.6km. From there the road narrows to 4 metres until the end. Consequently, "it does not have sufficient capacity to accommodate the growing residential traffic that has emerged over recent years, or necessary accesses to meet the new urban developments that have been implemented on both sides of the road" informed Bernabé.

The project plans the construction of one mini-roundabout and three full size, also an adjustment to the layout of the cycle-path and pedestrian sidewalk between km 0.25 and 1.55 to respect the existence of the Cypress trees on the left hand side of the road.

In general, a new platform of 17 - 18 metres wide will be established, formed by a single carriageway for traffic, with two 3.50m wide lanes, 1.5m verges and 0.25m berms, a 3m cycle-path, a 2m pedestrian walkway and a gutter separation between the road and cycle-path which will vary from 1.50 to 2m.