The biggest tennis event for young tennis players all across the world comes to La Manga Club

Champions Bowl La Manga Club

Throughout this week, around 200 tennis players from around the world come for a chance to win the Champions Bowl and other prizes. Youths from 9 to 16 years old and from 22 different countries can participate.

La Manga Club, 3rd November 2016 – The Tennis Centre at La Manga Club embraces these days as the world’s biggest tennis event for young tennis players, the Champions Bowl. This championship is an event of tournaments at a world ranking for young players from 9 to 16 years old, in both the male and female categories.

Champions Bowl La Manga Club

Although it is a relatively new tournament (founded in 2014) it has transformed itself into the best tennis event for youths all across the globe. There will be around 200 young players from up to 22 different countries at La Manga Club, mainly Europe, but also other countries such as Mexico, Kenya or Ghana.

For various months, the Champions Bowl has been developing through phases. The finalists of each Master national make up the national teams, which then take part in this world final that will be carried out here, at La Manga Club Tennis Centre.

Intense activity in the Tennis Centre

La Manga Club Tennis Centre has various weeks of intense activities on their courts. With this week having more than 200 youngsters participating in the final of the Champions Bowl, and the previous week, hundreds of families, mainly British, had been participating in our classes at the Tennis Academy, with as many adults as there were children. For many days, there has not been a free space to play on the courts.

The special week with Leon Smith was also a total success, from 17th to 21st October, in which the British team captain of the Davis Cup was ‘training’ and offering practical advice to all those that participated in our tennis academies.

Additionally, the past month in September, La Manga Club Tennis Centre held, for its 5th consecutive year, the European Senior Tennis Team Championship, a tennis tournament for European clubs and teams.

14th Tennis Open at La Manga Club

The end of this month marks the fourteenth edition of the La Manga Club Tennis Open, an annual occurrence that unites around 300 players over the age of 35 in the Tennis Centre. This year, the Tennis Open has reached Grade 1 of the ITF, which is said to be the highest category that a tournament can achieve. Check here for more information about the 14th Tennis Open at La Manga Club.