A day at La Manga Club: enjoying nature

Un día en La Manga Club: disfruta de la naturaleza

La Manga Club is a large scale sports, tourism and residential resort (three times the size of the Principality of Monaco). Your experience here will no doubt depend on how you organize your time. We recommend a day for your family holidays, with friends or alone enjoying nature and our facilities at La Manga Club.

La Manga Club, 16th June 2015. Do you like nature? Do you enjoy staying in an exceptional natural setting; the sea, mountains – how about both at the same time? Do you like to make the most of first class facilities? Do you have a long list detailing all the things you would love to do, but you just don’t know where to start? At La Manga Club, we suggest that you spend the perfect day at La Manga Club where nature is the star of the show.

8:00 h. Start the day right!

There´s no better way to start the day than a fantastic breakfast. Why not go to the Amapola restaurant and relax in an elegant atmosphere whilst feasting on a delicious breakfast made from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. On the other hand, you could head over to the Deli Café where you will find freshly baked bread, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and irresistible pastries and cakes. Objective: to recharge and gather your strength in order to tackle the day ahead of you.

10:00 h. Sailing on the Mediterranean

La Manga Club is set in a perfect location for visitors to enjoy the calm waters of the Mar Menor, where you can go sailing or windsurfing. Alternatively, in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea you can go scuba diving at Cabo de Palos and see the protected marine reserve of the Hormigas Islands, or go sailing around the coast which will offer an experience for all the senses.

14:00 h. Refuel with Mediterranean food

After a relaxing morning enjoying the nearby waters, refuel in one of our best loved restaurants: La Cala, located in the charming Barco cove where you can enjoy the best Mediterranean gastronomy and breath-taking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Our advice: Try the caldero, a rice dish which is typical of this region. You´ll be savouring the flavours of every last grain.

17:00 h Discover the nearby scenery and trails at La Manga Club

After lunch, the best thing to do is to set off again. La Manga Club is surrounded by many walking paths and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to explore some of them. Some of the paths will lead you to the Calblanque Natural Park with spectacular views of the coast. Portman and the Bateria de Cenizas (Portman Guns) is right next to the La Manga Club and could be a great first excursion to get to know the surrounding areas of the resort.

21:00 h Finish off the day with an exotic touch

To bring the day to an end, we recommend you visit Asia restaurant, located in the Las Sabinas commercial centre. Without having to leave the resort, Asia restaurant will transport you to the Far East with dishes full of colour, fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood. You simply have to try the curry or one of their vegetarian dishes.

And if you still want more…

If, after dinner and all of the day’s activities, you still want to experience a little more, we suggest you have a drink in The Piano Lounge Bar, which has live music every night.