The High Performance Centre incorporates a new altitude training service

This new iAltitude training service, based on the intermittent hypoxia, it is now available to everyone at the HPC at La Manga Club.

La Manga Club, 20th June 2016 - The High Performance Centre (HPC) at La Manga Club has gone a step further in its efforts to offer quality training with the addition of a new system which uses intermittent hypoxia to improve athletic performance.

Intermittent hypoxia is a training technique used by athletes to improve the transport of oxygen, and consequently athletic performance. The success of this technique is due to the adaptation of hypoxia loads for each individual, thus getting the maximum performance out of training sessions.

The technique is based on the athlete breathing through a mask, different altitudes can be simulated by changing the levels of oxygen the athlete receives for short periods of time and then recovering by alternating with normal room level oxygen (hypoxia and normoxic - normal oxygen level). It is important that these intervals are first set by an experienced person and then adjusted to suit each individual as every athlete has different tolerance levels to lack of oxygen.

The HPC has also incorporated powerful new software to the iAltitude that gives a large number of real-time indicators and predictive statistical analyses which the technicians can use to thoroughly assess the physiological responses of an athlete. This allows them to find the best configurations for day to day sessions.

The differentiating point of the iAltitude technology is that it is now available to everyone. It is no longer an expensive medical treatment or exclusive service saved for only the most elite athletes.