La Manga Club, the only resort in main land Spain ideal for triathlon

La Manga Club, the only resort in main land Spain ideal for triathlon

One of the top online publications with the most followers nationwide, Triatletas en Red, has described La Manga Club as one of the four best resorts for triathlon in Spain, and the only one on the mainland.  

La Manga Club, 29th February 2016. The online publication, Triatletas en Red, has described La Manga Club golf and leisure resort asone of the four best resorts in Spain to train and compete in triathlon. Triatletas en Red is one of the country’s top digital publications that is devoted entirely to sport of triathlon and has the highest number of followers on its social networks.

La Manga Club, perfect for triathlon

This dedicated triathlon publication has created a list to outline the best resorts to train for, and compete in triathlon. There are four places in Spain on the list which are considered ideal for this sport and were chosen based on their location and facilities. Three of them can be found on the Canary Islands, whilst La Manga Club is the only resort located on the mainland.

The publication notes that La Manga Club is quickly becoming one of the best places to train and participate in triathlon due to its excellent location, making it ideal for this sport. The resort is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the warm lagoon of the Mar Menor, both of which are great places for swimming. Calblanque National park and the mountains of las Cenizas provide an unlimited variety of cycle routes and running trails.

You can see all of the cycle routes and running trails that are in and around La Manga Club here.


La Manga Club, único resort en la Península ideal para la práctica del triatlón

The High Performance Sports Centre

La Manga Club also has a High Performance Sports Centre (CIARD) which is ideal for both professional and amateur athletes.

This state of the art centre is equipped with the latest technology to provide an athlete with a comprehensive assessment of both their athletic performance and health. Among its services are cardiology tests, biomechanics, nutrition advice and complete physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.

Located in the Spa La Manga Club building, the High Performance Sports Centre was created through a partnership with the UCAM University in Murcia to investigate, assess, monitor and advise on sports performance and health. It is aimed at both high-level professional and amateur athletes along with the general public.

La Manga Club regularly has high-level professional athletes using their facilities and the UCAM University has a long history of sport research and teaching and are international leaders in university sport.

Technical triathlon training sessions

La Manga Club’s commitment to the sport of triathlon has led them to host technical triathlon training sessions prior to the 27th Fuente Alamo Triathlon, which will take place on April 30th.

Prominent figures from the world of triathlon, such as Olympic triathlete Ana Burgos and athlete Sonia Bejarano among others, will be giving technical talks on specific aspects of the sport along with talks which will be combined with practical swimming, cycling and running sessions.

These technical sessions have been especially designed for those athletes who are participating in the Fuente Alamo Triathlon. They will include examinations and electrocardiograms in the High Performance Sports Centre (CIARD) at La Manga Club, accommodation in 4* Las Lomas Village and access to the Fitness Centre, indoor pool, steam rooms and saunas.

Sport and golf resort in Murcia

Although La Manga Club is probably best known for its three fantastic golf courses, which were recently included among the 40 best golf courses throughout Spain and the West Course among the top 100 courses in Europe, there are many other sports on offer within the resort.

As previously mentioned, its location and facilities make it the ideal place for triathlon. There is also a 28 court tennis centre which is considered one of the top 75 centres in the world and 8 FIFA size grass football pitches. La Manga Club is also one of the venues used by the European Federation of Cricket (ICC) for academies and tournaments along with the Spanish National team and La Manga Club Cricket Club. The pitches here at La Manga Club have borne witness to some of the top level national tournaments and brought together players from all over Europe and Asia.

In addition, La Manga Club attracts some of the best international club rugby teams from the UK and Ireland. There are also dedicated facilities to more minority sports such as lacrosse, netball and Gaelic football.