La Manga Club strengthens its brand image by hosting an event in London

La Manga Club brought together over 100 people in a private event, held at the Cervantes Theatre in London. The aim of the event was to reinforce the resort’s brand image in the country, whilst raising the awareness of the 45 years’ worth of history of the complex, as well as the future projects that the resort is working on.  

La Manga Club, 27th June 2016 – On the 22nd June, the Cervantes Theatre in London opened its doors to host an event organised by La Manga Club, called ‘The Theatre of Dreams’. Representatives from the Spanish embassy in the United Kingdom, local government figures from the Region of Murcia, famous sports personalities, journalists, business owners and directors of some of the most important tour operators in the world were amongst the guests who wanted to accompany La Manga Club in this event.

La Manga Club is synonymous with leisure and sports tourism in Europe and with this in mind, the resort wanted to demonstrate this to its guests. Those attending could gain first-hand knowledge about the complex thanks to the screening of a documentary about the past, present and future of La Manga Club. The images in the screening took us back over the 45 years of history of the resort, from the first inaugural golf tournament to the more recent opening of the new cricket centre, the ‘European Cricket Performance Centre’.

Evento en Londres - La Manga Club

Leading the proceedings of the event was Georgina Burnett. The recognised presenter from British TV was in charge of threading together the different acts and events that occurred throughout the night to ensure it ran smoothly.

La Manga Club wanted to offer its guests the most entertaining of environments. It included some of the most traditional aspects of Spanish culture, including Spanish music, with a performance from the guitarist María Camahort, as well as the tasting of locally sourced Spanish hams and wines. The organisers of the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ event also planned a couple of surprises for the guests, like the raffle, in which there were 3 prizes for 4-night stays at La Manga Club.

Overall, the event was a complete success and La Manga Club was able to show the close business ties that it has within this country, which produces a great deal of its clients and business. Recently, it has signed a partnership agreement, which sees the new cricket centre being the overseas training base for the national cricket teams of Ireland and Scotland. It has also signed an agreement with the LTA to be the official overseas training base for elite British tennis players throughout the year. Additionally, La Manga Club also has other important agreements with other countries, proven by the recent renewing of the agreement with the Norwegian Football Federation, a collaboration of three years with the possibility of a two-year extension.

All of the images from the event are available at this link on our Facebook page: photos