La Manga Club Tennis Centre are now offering two new academies

Tennis Academies La Manga Club

‘Advanced Matchplay’ academy, aimed for under 19s at any playing level, and ‘Junior Elite’ academy, for young players at a high level that wish to compete, are the latest developments to the Tennis Centre this year. Additionally, they will continue their usual programmes from the Junior, Adult and Weekend Academies.

La Manga Club, 12th January 2017 – La Manga Club Tennis Centre has kick started 2017 with two new academies that have been adapted to the needs of the resort’s visitors. They are called ‘Advanced Matchplay’ and ‘Junior Elite’, new additions to those that already existed.

‘Advanced Matchplay’ academy (15 hours) is from Monday to Friday, with a timetable from 11am to 2pm. It is designed for the same group of players as the Junior Academy (12 - 19 years old) at any playing level and provides an extra matchplay session.

For its part, ‘Junior Elite’ academy is the perfect option to improve and develop those players that wish to compete. This academy is designed specifically for players at a high level and which, at this time, have a training programme and scheduled competitions. This academy is from Monday to Friday with morning and evening timetables.

In addition to these new academies, the Tennis Centre continues to offer Junior Academies (12 - 19 years old) for players at any level; Junior Academies (6 – 9 years old); Weekend Warriors (Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening and Sunday morning); Adult Academy (which is on every week of the year) and Tactical Academy, with the same structure as the Adult Academy but with sessions specifically for improving different gaming techniques.

La Manga Club Tennis Centre is one of the best tennis centres in all of Europe, with 28 outdoor courts and important collaborations with European organisations, such as Tennis Europe, which our contract has recently been extended for another two years, and the LTA (British Tennis Federation) thanks to La Manga Club Tennis Centre accommodating the best British tennis players throughout the year that come to the resort to carry out their training.