Weddings at La Manga Club: how to keep the nerves at bay (part-1)

‘Weddings at La Manga Club’ is a series of blogs containing advice from our experts so that your great day of matrimony is perfect in every way. Within them we shall focus on different aspects to ensure that your wedding becomes an unforgettable occasion.

La Manga Club, 21st of September, 2017.- Emotion and nerves form part of such a marvelous day that couples plan for a long, long time. But is important to keep them at bay, and therefore we at La Manga Club will be giving you some advice to guarantee that this potential state of agitation doesn´t spoil everything that you´ve worked so hard to organize. Nerves can often play tricks on us and turn this once cherished day into a genuine nightmare if we don’t know how to control them at the time.

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Pre-wedding advice

In order to get you relaxed and enjoy the day, just like you’ve always imagined, we recommend that:

  • Organization: It will help you a lot if you prepare a list of pending tasks on which you can cross out jobs as they are completed.
  • Perform an anti-stress activity: you could come to La Manga Club’s Spa a few days before the wedding. There you could receive a massage that would disconnect your mind from the stress that has been tormenting you for weeks. Just a few hours will make you more productive for the rest of the day.
  • Nutrition is key: eating clean and hydrating yourself regularly is essential for healthy, shiny looking skin.
  • Don’t leave any task until the last minute: throughout the final week try to focus only on looking after yourself and being relaxed. If you want to be and feel 100% for this day it´s important that you disconnect from the tasks and simply rest your mind. This way you´ll be giving your very best.
  • Sleep schedule: you will have to force yourself to sleep 8 hours a night for two weeks before the big day, both your body and mind will be thankful, trust us. Moreover, it will help you to be less sensitive and irritated.
  • Get ahead of last minute cancellations: count on it, you will not be able to avoid the final week cancellations that require you to reorganize the seating plan, so you’ll have to communicate in the celebration hall and rely on it despite the thoughts of your guests. But, we can give you some advice so that this can be avoided: begin calling guests to confirm their attendance a month before the event. This will help to avoid any last minute calls and then you can bring forward the organizing of guest tables.
  • Delegate to friends, family or professionals: we know how many little details go into a wedding. Be aware of how far you have to go with invitations, decorations, flowers, photography, videos, ceremony songs etc. Dish out the tasks that would be on your mind until the last minute and those that require the transportation of any items to the location the day before or same day.

This advice should be followed in the days leading up to the wedding, but what about on the actual day? In our next blog you’ll receive more advice to put into practice on the big day.